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As a transdisciplinary bridge between the past, the present and the future, researchers at the ZEM will study the general evolutionary aspects of, e.g. disease aetiology (contributing factors such as lifestyle or infectious environmental factors) and disease patterns (prevalence, socio-economic stratifications, etc.). Primarily, musculoskeletal and joint diseases as well as the molecular evolution of disease pathogens will be studied.


(Source: Nature Genetics)

New publication by the ZEM (and collaborators) in Nature Genetics! An international team of researchers led by the Centre for Evolutionary Medicine (ZEM), the University of Copenhagen, and the University of York analyzed one thousand-year-old calcified dental plaque (calculus) and revealed details about ancient human health and diet never seen before. The study was led Christina Warinner, formerly of the ZEM and currently at the University of Oklahoma, and co-directed by Frank Rühli. Download the article from the journal’s homepage and see the official press release by the University of Zürich for more information.

OPEN POSITION: The ZEM is looking for a post-doc research assistant to join the Molecular Group. High-throughput sequencing experience is essential, please find more details in the job description

The Swiss Mummy Project (run by the ZEM) has a new homepage! Take a look at http://www.swissmummyproject.uzh.ch !

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